Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Book Launch!

Creative People Must Be Stopped! 6 Ways We Kill Innovation (Without Even Trying)

Everybody Wants Innovation—Or Do They? Creative People Must Be Stopped shows how individuals and organizations sabotage their own best intentions to encourage "outside the box" thinking. It shows that the antidote to this self-defeating behavior is to identify which of the six major types of constraints are hindering innovation: individual, group, organizational, industry, societal, or technological. Once innovators and other leaders understand exactly which constraints are working against them and how to overcome them, they can create conditions that foster innovation instead of stopping it in its tracks.
The author's model of constraints on innovation integrates insights from the vast literature on innovation with his own observations of hundreds of organizations. The book is filled with assessments, tools, and real-world examples.

The author's research has been featured in Fast Company, The New York Times, Wall Street Journal, London Guardian and San Jose Mercury News, as well as on Fox News and on NPR's Marketplace.

Includes illustrative examples from leading organizations.
Offers a practical guide for bringing new ideas to fruition even within a previously rigid organizational culture.

This book gives people in organizations the conceptual framework and practical information they need to innovate successfully.

Publisher: Jossey-Bass / Wiley
Web: http://creativepeoplemustbestopped.com

David Owens is a professor at Vanderbilt University

Debate: Estratégia para Empresas Brasileiras no Mercado Latino Americano

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Americas MBA

The FIA Business School International MBA is a graduate program in business management specially designed for a multicultural group of students from Europe, Latin America and Asia. Entirely in English, the program offers a unique perspective with an immersion in a business-oriented environment in Sao Paulo, Brazil’s most dynamic city.

The Full-time and the Part-time International MBA are conducted in Brazil giving you the opportunity to study up to date business concepts and cases, exchange experiences for one full year with other students and executives from diverse nationalities and enhance your qualifications for a successful international career. International MBA students may enroll additionally in the Executive MBA international study trips to the USA, China and India, subject to availability.

The Americas MBA focuses on the challenges of leading business organizations in the Americas region, where the majority of multinational companies have headquarters and important operations. During the first year you will study modern concepts and cases of the core MBA subjects, with classes on Friday-Saturday every 15 days. During the second year, you will study advanced topics together with Executive and part-time MBA participants in Canada, Brazil, Mexico and the USA, in four intensive one week modules, one every 3 months. The second year is jointly conducted by top ranked universities in the four largest economies in the region, and a cross cultural project will also be conducted across borders over the final year. Each school will admit a select group of up to 15 students only to take part in this program.

The FIA International MBA program, based on the successful experience of the FIA Business School International Executive MBA created in 1992 for senior executives, is offered in three formats:

* The one-year Full-time International MBA
* The Part-time International MBA, meeting Fri-Sat every 15 days over 20 months in Brazil
* The Americas MBA, in 2 years part-time, with one year of Fri-Sat classes every 15 days in Brazil, and one year with four intensive study modules in Canada, Mexico, Brazil and the USA.


On concluding the program the participants should:

* Have a clear understanding of how companies compete in an globalized economic environment.
* Develop the fundamental managerial skills required in the core areas of marketing, strategy, finance, human resources, organizational behavior and operations management.
* Develop the ability to create a strategic vision and lead your team in implementing the strategy to fulfill it.
* Gain a broad view of management in diverse industries through an intense exchange of experiences among participants.
* Understand the contemporary challenges and opportunities for doing business in emerging countries and in the Americas.
* Create a plan for self development and be prepared to embark on an international management career.
* By preparing high potential students to take increasing responsibilities in the decision-making process, the courses promote continuous self-development and leadership so that innovative concepts and strategies are implemented efficiently and successfully in the your organization.

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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Redução de danos nas relações de consumo

Desvios no padrão de compras associados a efeitos socioambientais negativos apontam para a necessidade da compreensão do consumo para além do uso dos produtos.

Nosso ex-aluno do MBA Executivo Internacional, José Onofre de Araujo Neto, escreveu o artigo Redução de danos nas relações de consumo para a revista Ética.

Clique aqui para ter acesso ao artigo.

Boa leitura!

Monday, November 7, 2011

Booming Brazil adds thrust to corporate recruitment International MBA Job Fair - FIA

Over 20 companies sought the opportunity to promote their companies career plan and recruitment at FIA´s International MBA Job Fair on October 20th. The event integrated the students from the International MBA Full-Time 3rd group with an expressive number of multinational companies. The students had contact with HR managers and directors between the companies’ presentations and individual interview sessions. The HR representatives evaluate the meeting as an excellent opportunity to hire the International Students.

"All organizations are focused on upgrading their talent" argued Breno Wottrich of Frost & Sullivan the ICT consultants leading their own company to offer increasingly deeper and forward looking research.
Derick do Rosario of argued that daring, routine-shy candidates should prefer BIP over any of the big-five precisely because “BIP being small and flexible offers a faster and more attractive career.”

While Guilherme Cebran of Accenture stressed the fast selling of their proven brand.
A booming infrastructure sector requires that corporations seek managers with a global mindset and language skills to support their expansion in the region.
ABB, strong provider of automation services and power transmission will hire eight thousand new workers until 2015, over half of them in Brazil, according Edise Toreta, Talent Acquisition Manager at ABB Brazil, who argued that “ABB continuously offers of opportunities for fresh talent."

Specialty chemical corporations such as Bayer, better known for their B2C products showed it draws over half of its revenues from agricultural inputs and offers a plethora of opportunities for young talents in various sectors and positions. Amanda Oliveira argued that Bayer has been in Brazil for over one hundred years, having my now employed several generations of Brazilians.

GE was also there through a former FIA graduate, Cristina Varela, selling the diversity of carrier prospects for those that joined a mega corporation such as GE. Cummins and Grace stressed the attractiveness of their strong focus on the Americas.
Cummins stressed their versatility in small to large diesel engine market while Peugeot emphasized their profile as an aspirational brand for the emerging consumers in booming Brazil.

Brazil´s executives are now among the best paid in the world and FIA’s International MBA fosters the development of a global mindset, as shown in its capacity to attract students from over 15 countries.