Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Trip to USA - International Executive MBA Group

Our International Executive MBA group together with some other FIA students headed to the US for one of the international modules last September. Owen Graduate School of Management – Vanderbilt University, hosted us for a whole week of organized lectures and activities. Entrepreneurship, Innovation, Strategy, Decision Making and Managing Change were some of the class topics that were held during our stay. 

We also enjoyed several visits to outstanding companies. FEDEX innovated by creating the overnight delivery industry, and we visited their super hub in Memphis from 11:00 pm to 2:00 am, when hundreds of airplanes converge from all over the world with cargo and correspondence which is delivered by 10:30 am the next day. An intense and superbly managed operation does this incredible task in a short period with wonderful precision.

At Nissan, we toured the most productive car factory in the USA, where Japanese techniques meet American workers and robots help productivity and quality. Production is being set up at the Smirna plant which we visited for the all-electric Nissan Leaf, as well as battery manufacture, while producing some of the bestselling traditional Nissan cars on the Market.

Jack Daniels was also a great visit! In this small town near Nashville, the world’s 5th largest selling whiskey brand is produced integrating the most traditional production systems in the US with modern marketing techniques that make the Tennessee whiskey a global success for generations.

And as we were in Nashville, the opportunity to visit country music clubs and venues like BB Kings was an obligatory part of the experience!

Great classes, exceptional companies and a good time were had by all.

Learn about Vanderbilt our long term partner in this and many other initiatives in both research, student exchange and teaching, with the Owen Graduation School of Management:  
For the past 25 years, the Vanderbilt Executive MBA has remained one of the premier, full 60-credit MBA options for busy executives. Consistently ranked in the top 25 in Business Week’s poll of Executive MBA programs, Vanderbilt’s EMBA program is proven to help mid-career managers, executives, and business owners achieve their personal and organizational goals.
All of their programs at the Vanderbilt Owen Graduate School of Management come with a promise to students:
“Here is a place where you will be challenged to achieve your potential; find support as you shape your future; discover lifelong friends and mentors; and open doors to new possibilities.”

Monday, September 10, 2012

PROFUTURO-FIA recieves Imperial College Business School visit

Last Monday 10th September, PROFUTURO-FIA had the pleasure to receive the Executive MBA group from Imperial College Business School.

During the morning they spent with us, they atended the presentation given by Prof. Simão Silber: "Brazilian Economics and Business Climate". After the break, Prof. Alfredo Behrens presented: "Brazilian cultural roots and the impact on Business Practice. "

"It was great to give a talk to Imperial College's business school again this year at FIA. Imperial brings over a large, diverse and very interesting audience with which one can have very interesting discussions. I only regret the time we had together proved to be too short!" Prof. Behrens said.

One of our students mentioned: "It was a very multi-cultural group. They were interested in what we were doing out here and just speaking to them about Brazil and helping them understand certain themes over lunch made me realise how much I have learnt about this region. There was plenty of potential to make connections with people who might want to do business out here in the future." Toby Barrow – International MBA Full Time at PROFUTURO-FIA.

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Last August, 19th The Americas MBA from FIA Business School initiated its first International Module in Vancouver together with their colleagues from Canada (Beddie School of Business – Simon Fraser University), USA (Vanderbilt University) and Mexico (ITAM).
The Americas MBA prepares executives for leadership positions in international companies with a special focus on the Americas management, economy and culture.
In this occasion, hosted by Simon Fraser University in Vancouver, the global class participated in lectures and debates regarding cross-cultural communications, global business strategy and international human relations management.
Jock Finlayson, Executive VP and CPO at the Business Council of British Columbia, gave an overview lecture on the Canadian and BC economies at this complicated economic moment. Another interesting insight was the panel formed by three business professionals: Amir Sasrabadi, General Manager of Pixar Canada, Fernando Alvarez-Garcia, Head of the Business & Economic Affairs office at the Consulate General of Mexico in Vancouver and Andre Nudelman, President at the Canadian Education Services Latin America. All currently working in Canada but coming from USA, Mexico and Brazil, shared their own experience and views on the business practice differences between the countries.
“The experience in Vancouver at Simon Fraser University through the Americas MBA Program provided a challenging environment and certainly highly different than what we usually find in traditional MBA programs. Beyond networking with international colleagues from Canada, Mexico and the U.S., we had the opportunity to start a consulting project for a real company as part of our final project. I recommend to all who really want a truly international teamwork experience in an International MBA program” says Tibério Maia, Americas MBA, PROFUTURO – FIA.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

The International Executive MBA receives students from the University College Dublin MBA

Legacy Ventures once again organized the visit of students from the University College Dublin MBA to attend two lectures organized by FIA´s International Executive MBA on March 12, 2012. The first lecture was delivered by Prof. Dr. Alfredo Behrens (Cambridge) concerning The Roots of the Brazilian Culture and its impacts on business practices. Prof. Dr. Simão Silber (Yale) lectured on Brazil´s 2012 Economic and Business Perspectives. Legacy Ventures specialises in the design, organisation and management of emerging market study tour programmes for top tier business schools and companies around the world. The International Executive MBA is the definitive course for those who have already attended another MBA, desires to foster knowledge and qualifications with views to an international career and seeks an intense exchange of expertise with the most experienced students in Brazil.

Friday, March 2, 2012

Amazing India

Enormous, economically poor yet growing fast, rich in culture and culture and diversity, India caught the imagination and filled with wonder the FIA Executive MBA travelers who visited that country in February 2012. In Bangalore, we saw a busy town where brilliant engineers created cutting edge companies like Infosys, where a beautiful ultra modern campus shares a wall with slums of the poor. In India, more than one hundred world class R&D centres compete for talent, and in talks with company executives, we found that companies like GE and SKF offer high level technological solutions created in India for clients all over the world, attending both to first world and emerging market needs. In Delhi, where old and new, wealth and poverty, Hindu and Moslem coexist, we visited Sistel, a call center where meticulous production techniques provide quality service and young Indians solve problems for travelers all over the world. At Business School lectures in Bangalore and Delhi we discussed with faculty the diversity across all economic, linguistic and social dimensions, and the implications for policies, development and marketing to the Indian market. With Marcopolo, the Brazilian world leader in bus manufacture which operates two factories in India, we explored some of the enormous market potential and opportunities arising from India’s rapid economic development and massive urban growth. Infrastructure, energy, transportation, food and many other items, are opportunities for companies both in high end and in lower income markets. The marvelous symmetry of the Taj Mahal, the grandeur of the Red Fort, the excitement of speeding through crowded streets by bicycle rickshaws and tuc-tucs are all experiences that must be lived to believe. The holy cows, the generosity of simple folk who spontaneously invites Brazilian strangers to dance and share food in their daughter’s wedding , the gentle philosophy of the Hindus who celebrate life, created a challenging and fascinating opportunity for business, study and mutual learning. All this in a country which in a few decades will be the most populous and the third largest GDP in the world! In a journey like this, we always come away having learnt many lessons; that there are many different and creative solutions to problems; that much can be done with very limited resources; that as international executives, we must be aware of different approaches, different values and that we must be prepared to deal with the unexpected and be ready to seize opportunities which may arise.
Many thanks and our wishes to all who joined us on this challenging experience that these lessons will serve you well. James Wright

Monday, February 27, 2012

The International Academic and Business Ecosystem Is Misaligned, but Alignment May Miss the Larger Research Goals

Click here to read the published version of my paper on research at business schools. I argue that the alleged irrelevance of academic business research to practitioners is rational from the point of academics and that it will not change unless practitioners find a way of steering research closer to its needs. This inducement may not necessarily be pecuniary, but should involve prestige and autonomy. Another way to make academic research more relevant to practitioners is to disseminate it through journalists, who are more apt, than academics themselves, at translating academic research into information useful to practitioners. Alfredo Behrens, Ph.D. from Cambridge University and Professor of Global Leadership in Faculty FIA, where he teaches in both undergraduate and MBA. His most recent book is Shooting heroes and rewarding cowards, a sure path towards organizational disaster

Monday, January 30, 2012

English language MBAs in Brazil attract international schools to learn more about management practices in Brazil.

FIA Business School leads the way with its full time MBA in English, and with an international program for integrating working executives from the four largest economies in the region: the Americas MBA for Executives - with FIA in Brazil, Simon Fraser University in Canada, ITAM in Mexico and Vanderbilt University in the USA. Read a newly-published article by The Economist "Samba Management", which looks at how Brazil is inspiring business schools from beyond its borders.

Program Director's comments

We begin 2012 with great expectations, mixed with some apprehension about the state of the world, and in particular the economic crisis is Europe and its impact on the global economy.

Brazil expects to grow at least 3% in 2012; a steady and safe growth; not spectacular, not speculative, but firmly based on improved income distribution continuing to drive consumer demand, international investment in local markets and in major projects, as well as a significant but moderate global demand for commodities.

In 2011, Brazil was surpassed only by China as a recipient of foreign direct investment, driving demand for jobs in projects and infrastructure, much of it stimulated by the investments for the 2014 World Cup , with 12 brand new stadiums and the required transportation and tourist infrastructure, as well as for the 2016 Olympics. Huge offshore oil findings, growing energy needs and increases in food production help fuel demand for investments and job opportunities.

PROFUTURO, our Future Studies Program supported by FIA, helped the city of São Paulo develop SP2040, a long term strategic plan designed to enhance São Paulo’s role as the center for business services and headquarters for international companies in Latin America. Maintaining its current position as the main commercial and logistic hub in South America, São Paulo aim to improve its educational system, social infrastructure and quality of life, as well as improving the climate and ease of doing business in Brazil. Numerous large and small scale business opportunities are identified and can be developed as SP2040 in implemented.

The FIA international MBAs will start our new academic year in March, with new sections in the Executive MBA, the International MBAs in English (Full Time and Part Time) as well as the Americas MBA for Executives, in partnership with Vanderbilt University (USA), Simon Fraser University (Vancouver, Canada) and ITAM in Mexico. Besides these new students, we welcome back this year four distinct classes of our current MBA students, which are going into the final part of their programs.

I look forward to seeing you in March 2012, and be prepared for a exciting and demanding experience !

A great 2012 to all !

James Wright

Monday, January 16, 2012


Evento gratuito oferecido pela Fundação Instituto de Administração.

20h00 - 20h05
Roy Martelanc (FEA/USP) e Felipe Turbuk Garran (FIA)
● Boas vindas e introdução

Edgar Perez,
Professor adjunto do Polytechnic Institute da New York University.
Foi vice presidente do Citigroup, consultor da IBM e da McKinsey & Co.
Autor do livro The Speed Traders, An Insider’s Look at the New High-Frequency Trading Phenomenon that is Transforming the Investing World.

● High-Frequency Trading (HFT) é um conjunto de ferramentas que inclui diversas estratégias que priorizam a velocidade, a baixa latência, o volume, a liquidez e estruturas temporais rápidas.

● O HFT tem sido citado como a progressão natural da tecnologia aplicada ao mundo do investimento e do trading.

● O HFT explicitou questões estruturais nos mercados acionários dos EUA, que atualmente se encontram sob exame dos legisladores e reguladores do mundo.

● Os speed traders continuarão a encontrar oportunidades de geração de alfas por meio da negociação de novas classes de ativos em novos mercados, utilizando ferramentas cada vez mais sofisticadas.

Edgar Perez.
● Perguntas e respostas.

Idioma: A apresentação será em espanhol, sem tradução simultânea. Os slides estarão em inglês.

Data e hora: 31 de janeiro de 2012 das 20h00 às 22h00

Local: FEA – USP (Cidade Universitária Armando de Sales Oliveira), Av. Professor Luciano Gualberto, 908 - Sala da Congregação, FEA 1, 1º andar - Veja mapa.

Investimento: seu tempo (sem custo de inscrição)

Confirmação e reserva de vagas:
e-mail para pos_prod_financeiros@fia.com.br