Friday, November 27, 2015

FIA International and Executive MBAs visit Foz do Iguaçú - Itaipu Hydro Dam and Iguaçu Falls

This past weekend, FIA’s International and Executive MBA students enjoyed a featured visit to the Itaipu Binational Hydro dam and the Iguaçu Falls.

Itaipu is the world’s second largest hydro power plant in capacity generation, just behind the Three Gorges in China. Nevertheless, it is still the bearer of the world record in accumulated generation, having produced 2.3 billion MWh since 1984.  This energy, generated from the Paraná River, supplies 75% of all Paraguayan demand and 17% of Brazil’s needs.

The Itaipu power plant has a very peculiar structure, as it is an international cooperation project between Paraguay and Brazil, which adds an interesting complexity to its management and operations.

During the visit, students experienced the international environment, discussing with executives about operations, renewable energy projects, new technologies and sustainability.

Operations were discussed in an increased efficiency perspective. Regarding new technologies, the group reflected on and debated biogas generation projects, which use technology to improve environmental conditions and generate local development.  Besides theory, they could see the biogas tests held in Itaipu’s Technology Park laboratories.

Additionally, students took test-drives of the electric cars under development in Brazil, and discussed the future of this technology in Brazil. The UN award-winning project Cultivating Good Water was also part of our program.
Nature was also a big part of the trip: the Visit to the Belavista Biological Refuge, the Bird Sanctuary and the Eco Museum, gave an interesting glimpse of the Brazilian Atlantic Forest fauna and its diversity.

The highlight from nature was certainly the Iguazu Falls. The tremendous water spectacle, which is the second top touristic attraction in Brazil, honored the title with glory.
 This trip is part of FIA’s efforts to increase our international MBA cohorts’ awareness regarding “Doing business in Brazil”, and at the same time allowing students to explore the famous natural beauties of the country.

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