Thursday, September 5, 2013

Brazilian Student within top 5 MBA Students worldwide in 2013

Cristiane Tsuboi, International MBA at FIA, competes for AMBA’s Student of the Year award.

Receiving applications from over 180 business schools accredited by AMBA worldwide, the 2013 Student of the Year award approaches its final decision by displaying a Brazilian student within this year’s top 5 finalists.

Cristiane Truboi, International MBA student at FIA Business School, regarded as one of the best 100 MBAs in the world according to London’s Financial Times Rank, strove for excellence in a program taught entirely in English and amounting up to 13 nationalities represented in the group. According to Prof. Dr. James Wright, coordinator of FIA’s International Executive MBA, International MBA and Americas MBA, this achievement owes to a global effort developed throughout the course. “This result highlights the great potential and transforming capacity in a young Brazilian executive’s career in deciding to undertake a global-standard, internationally accredited MBA offered in Brazil, by bringing together international students, themes, cases and experiences”.

Ms. Tsuboi completed her MBA tied for first place in her group with two other students: Marcin Wozniak from Poland and Tarun Kalra from India. Her history of social work and professional experience, however, weighed heavily on her behalf. After all, before joining FIA’s International MBA, Cristiane, an medical doctor graduated from USP, collaborated alongside the Brazilian Navy in an expedition to the Amazon, where she supplied medical assistance to riverside communities in need, many times at great distances where medical assistance was unheard of.

Experienced in Labor Health, she developed in her Final Paper an enhanced system of Workplace accident management indicators that greatly reduced costs for the company envisioned by the project.

As a finalist of the Student of the Year award, who’s recipient will be announced at the annual AMBA meeting scheduled for November 6 in London, UK, Cristiane has already been invited to serve for a year as “MBA Ambassador” for AMBA.

Monday, September 2, 2013

An Unforgettable Trip to Vancouver

The FIA students went to Vancouver for the first international week of the AMERICAS MBA. The experience has been great.

First of all, the opportunity  to meet the colleagues of Simon Fraser University (Canada), Vanderbilt (USA) and ITAM (Mexico). The integration with the colleagues from the other schools was great. Most of the students stayed at the DELTA HOTEL, 2 minutes walking distance from SFU. Working together on the different assignments and also relaxing together after the work had been done. Downtown Vancouver is wonderful, offering an international environment.

Second, challenging classes focusing on Cross Cultural Teams and Strategy with Professor Dani Shapiro, Dean of SFU Beedie School of Management. Interesting classes, challeging assignments and lots of discussions and cases. In an intense program students stayed from 8:00 to 21:00 hours inside the SFU building, working hard and interacting with different business cultures and cases.

Third, last but not least, the Capstone Project: 7 challenging and interesting projects which will enable the students to develop the international consulting projects during the next 8 months. A great opportunity to practice the theoretical baggage in real life cases, with international teams. Each team has students from all 4 business schools. Great business challenges, combined with an academic background, manage a crosscultural team, up to 6 hours of time difference and interaction with real clients.

And let us not forget the moments spent with colleagues from all over the world, the leisure moments, the barbecue, the soccer game and the city tour! An opportunity to build links, a network thqat will last for the rest of the life.

A great introduction to an unforgettable experience. 

by Prof Dirk Thomaz Schwenkow