Monday, May 24, 2010

Josué Gomes da Silva, president of Coteminas

Internationalization Strategy of Coteminas
quarta-feira, 5 de maio, 2010 Notícias Ivana

Josué Gomes da Silva, president of Coteminas presented the sucess story of Coteminas in their domestic growth and internationalization drive into global markets.

Josué Gomes, who obteined this MBA at Vanderbilt University, told a joint group of FIA and Vanderbilt students how he led Coteminas from being a local company in a market challenged by cheap chinese imports to being a global player.

Investing in technology, increasing efficiency, agressively merging with its major U.S competitors and reducing costs, Coteminas was transformed into Springs Global to become an international powerhouse, with 25.000 employees and globally recognized brands in bath towels and bed linen, with ower 3.5 billion reais of assets.

In this presentation Josué Gomes impressed all the participants with his knowledge of business strategy and the fundamental importance of financial management methods applied to his strategic decision process, which he attibuted in great part to his strong MBA education.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Vanderbilt University EMBA students at FIA in May 2010

Vanderbilt University EMBA students at FIA in May 2010, FIA Business School received the Executive MBA students of the Owen Graduate School of Management from Vanderbilt University.

In one more event in a partnership that has lasted for our 40 years between FIA, USP and Vanderbilt.

FIA Business School helped organize a one week series of company visits, classes’ annual events for the executive students. In a joint class by Prof. James Wright, Fia and Vanderbilt students discussed Brazils energy matrix to 2020, and the Brazilian expertise in fuel ethanol, ultra-deep sea oil production and the development of a national energy matrix which is 47% renewable!

Cocktail, dinner and a visit to Morumbi, the São Paulo team soccer stadium guided by our IMBA student, Fabio Correa, made up some of the social activities of the visit.

When in doubt, keep your mouth shut

The article by Prof. Behrens was cited in the May 2010 edition of the business magazine “Época Negócios”.

An organizational culture with an innovation mindset should not muffle its collaborators. Yet too many employees are afraid to speak out.
In fact, in a global survey with over 500 replies, only about one in five dares to “always speak out.” That is about the same share of employees that feels “only sometimes” it is safe speak out. Nearly half of the employees speak out “only most of the time;” but then, large majorities are not known to say anything controversial.

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