Monday, February 27, 2012

The International Academic and Business Ecosystem Is Misaligned, but Alignment May Miss the Larger Research Goals

Click here to read the published version of my paper on research at business schools. I argue that the alleged irrelevance of academic business research to practitioners is rational from the point of academics and that it will not change unless practitioners find a way of steering research closer to its needs. This inducement may not necessarily be pecuniary, but should involve prestige and autonomy. Another way to make academic research more relevant to practitioners is to disseminate it through journalists, who are more apt, than academics themselves, at translating academic research into information useful to practitioners. Alfredo Behrens, Ph.D. from Cambridge University and Professor of Global Leadership in Faculty FIA, where he teaches in both undergraduate and MBA. His most recent book is Shooting heroes and rewarding cowards, a sure path towards organizational disaster